The Marina Romoli Onlus Association (MROA) continue sponsoring a collaboration between two prestigious US universities

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Del 23 Mar, 2018
In 2017 The Marina Romoli Onlus Association (MROA) has sponsored a collaborative research project between Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and The Ohio State University (OSU). The total contribution has been of $50.000 ($25.000 to CWRU and $25.000 to OSU).
After reviewing the preliminary results of the first part of the project completed in 2017, the board of MROA has decided to give another contribution of $50.000 ($25.000 to CWRU and $25.000 to OSU) to support the continuation of the research project that in the last part will include testing the approach on a model of Chronic Spinal Cord Injury.
The title of the project is:“Promoting functional reorganization in the injured spinal cord using a combinatorial strategy to maximize recovery”. The Research will be supervised by Prof. Jerry Silver, principal investigator for CWRU and Dr. Andrea Tedeschi, principal investigator for OSU.
This research project, if successful, will bring us much closer to finding therapies to reverse both acute and Chronic Spinal Cord Injury. 
“It is an honor for MROA to continue sponsoring a collaboration between these two very prestigious US Universities and we wish the best of luck to both Prof. Silver and Dr. Tedeschi!” 
Marina Romoli – President of  MRO
MROA wants to thank all the supporters, in particular the association named “RIIM” that made another  contribution to MROA to fund half of the contribution.
About Marina Romoli Onlus Association:
The Marina Romoli Onlus Association was created in 2011 when the professional cyclist Maria Romoli became paraplegic after she was hit by a car during a training session. The association has the goal to support medical research to find a cure for chronic spinal cord injury and to provide financial support to athletes that become disabled practicing sport activities, in particular to the ones who become paralyzed due to spinal cord injury.

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