Cure girls meeting in London

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Del 21 Set, 2016

People who follow us on social media have noted that the Cure Girls Lolly, Marina and Loredana have met in London few days ago.

CG at Spinal Reseach Meeting Londra Settembre 2016We went to Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (NSIF) office to get an update, we also had a chance to meet few researchers that were in London for the annual Spinal Research network meeting. As many of you will remember last year we donated about € 70 000 to NSIF to support the work of prof. Raisman and dr. Tabakow, so we wanted to get an update on how things are progressing.Cure Girls at NSIF Settembre 2016 At the moment they are still in the process of recruiting the next two patients, but hopefully the candidates that meet the requirements will be selected very soon, so that the trial can go forward and hopefully the next two patients will recover functions as observed in the first patient or even better.

Then back to the hotel we met with prof. Jerry Silver a very well known researcher from the Case Western University of Cleveland, Ohio, who brought a lot of positive energy in the Meeting CG and J. Silver settembre 2016 Londraroom telling us about very promising results to restore breathing after chronic spinal cord injury that have been presented at the Spinal Research Network Meeting by dr. Philippa Warred from his team.

Then we met dr. Andrea Tedeschi from  the German Center for Neurodegenerative Deseases, Bonn, Germany, now about to start his own lab at the Ohio State University. Andrea is a young promising researcher from Italy whose work focuses on understanding the reasons way the spinal cord does not regenerate after injury. In the last few years he has been involved in many published studies that have made a lot of progress to find the answer this question.


Now you will wonder: “Ok Loredana where are the news? Where is the cure we are waiting for?”The answer I can give you is: “They are working on it”. I understand this is not the answer you would like to hear, but, if in the past after traveling to meet researchers I often came home rather discouraged, this time I have come home with a very positive feeling as I have perceived real excitement among researchers based on scientific evidence, so I want to say to you: let’s stay positive, let’s keep supporting research because there is hope, and when hope is based on scientific evidence it will become reality!


Cure Girl Loredana



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